About Me

My Journey

The greatest gift for me, is that I have undergone the entire coaching (and hypnotherapy) process myself.  I know my methods work. I have vastly improved my own wellbeing and life in many ways.

Having lived with bipolar disorder since 19 years old, it seemed like no therapy was working for me, no matter what I tried I just didn’t ‘click’ with me or I couldn’t stick with it.  Eventually I decided to battle my way through the rollercoaster of moods and anxiety and around 12 years ago decided to get coached! And wow what a difference it made to my life,. Determined not to be defined by a mood disorder, and determined to keep my life on track and maintain a successful career I committed to several months of coaching, cbt and hypnotherapy sessions.  

I set goals, I understood how anxiety worked and how to break the cycle -I finally got over it, I balanced my entire lifestyle, I lost over 3 stone with a new healthy diet, I found a routine that suited me, I slept better than ever before, I got fit, I felt sooo healthy, my confidence soared, I was a much happier mum again and a much better friend and daughter.  I have honestly never looked back. I felt the whole process was so successful that I redirected my career as an Operations Training Centre Manager and moved into mentoring and coaching. I re-trained at University in Mental health and combined my other qualifications to set up as a private coach and hypnotherapist. I just felt so passionate to do for other people exactly what worked for me.  

My Coaching Techniques

I prefer to tailor therapeutic coaching for each individual, one size doesn’t fit all.  Some people need more goal focused coaching and some prefer more therapeutic approaches.  A combination approach is often the best. I am fond of the following approaches, GROW model, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques, transactional analysis, , Hypnotherapy, Neuro linguistic programming, Relaxation, visualisation techniques, Personality/temperament assessments, Inspirational tools, meditation and mindfulness, and journaling.

Qualifications & Additional Training

  • Level 6 qualified, Advanced University Diploma in Mental Health– Staffs univeristy
  • Diploma of HE in Advice – Staffs Uni
  • Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma (Accredited)
  • Certificate of Foundation Recruitment Practice (MIRP -RPf)
  • Certificate Basic Counselling skills
  • NCFE level 2 in Equality and Diversity
  • NCFE level 1 Safeguarding Adults and Children
  • Local Safeguarding Children and Adults – full level 1 
  • Certificate in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP),

Drug and Alcohol Awareness, CBT, Mental Health Assessment, Mental Health Intervention, Practitioner values, Spotting abuse, children’s workforce programme, Building Self-Esteem and Confidence- CAMHS, Helping with Loss and Bereavement -CAMHS, Managing Anger and Self -Harm – CAMHS, CAMHS Staffordshire -Tier one Training, Management, Leadership and Coaching in the workplace- GROW(TH)